Youth from underprivileged backgrounds aren’t aware of career options available to them and struggle with finding employment, even if they have a college degree. With few role models in their community, they often end up in low paying and dead end jobs even though they have the potential to do much more.

Antarang, through our CareeReady program, teaches core employability skills that help these youth understand what is expected of them in a structured workplace. Upon completion of the program, students are connected to job opportunities in their area of interest and then are paired with a mentor who will guide them until they are settled in their job.

This program emphasises self reliance and problem solving, and aims to increase confidence in our students.



CareeReady students are in Education, Employment or Training


Mentoring relationships facilitated for our CareeReady students


Communities across Mumbai

Stories of Success

Read More Asma Shaikh

Mamta is 13 years old and is studying in 8th standard. She lives with her mother and aunt. Her mother works at Muktangan School (GHP) with the pantry staff.

Being patient and handling things with ease are her strengths. Mamta is also good with her communication skills.

Culinary arts, Media, Banking & Finance, Design & Architecture, etc are various careers Mamta learnt through the WOE program.

Through the exposure visits and in dept explanations by guest speakers about these careers gave her a hands-on experience.

Her aspiration is to become an Event manager. The media exposure visit at Star house has helped her firm the decision of getting into Event management.

After finishing her graduation Mamta plans to do an event management course.

Read More Kausar Ansari

My name is Kausar Ansari and I graduated from Antarang’s Cuffe Parade batch in 2016.

Before Antarang, I was studying for my SY B. Com at Hinduja College but I wasn’t clear about what I wanted to pursue in the future.


Through CareeReady, I was linked to a mentor at Greatship India Ltd. She taught me the importance of time and communication and exposed me to the corporate sector.


After gaining insight into the corporate sector and the several opportunities that are out there, I realized that there are so many women who sit at home doing nothing when they could be working. I decided that I want to help them generate an income so I applied to the CCI program. To my delight, I was accepted and studied in Houston for a year! I am now back in India and am pursuing my third year of B. Com. I know that I am heading in the correct direction towards making an impact on my society!

Read More Sairaj Salvi

My name is Sairaj Salvi and I am an Antarang graduate from Ghatkopar.


Through my time in CareeReady, I learnt was how to present myself. Given that I wanted to work in sales and in the retail sector, my time at Antarang provided me with skills on how to conduct myself and talk in a suitable manner.


When interviewing for my internship at Abaca, I was interviewed by the director of Abaca. I did my best to show all the skills that I had learnt. Luckily, I was accepted into the internship at Abaca and two weeks into it, I was given a raise as they saw my performance and value as an employee. While interning at Abaca, I was also doing my first year of B.Com. I learnt a large amount about time management and prioritizing tasks.


I have been at this internship for a year now and I am very happy with my work requirements as well as the work environment!