Young people, facing the possibility of failing 10th or 12th standard exams, are at risk of dropping out of school.  Once they do so, the only avenues open to them are menial jobs in the unorganised sector.

Antarang, through our CareerAware program, emphasises the importance of completing 10th and 12th standard, and works with students to help them understand the careers best suited to their individual talents and preferences.
This program makes students examine themselves carefully and chart a course for the future based on these learnings.


Grade 8


Students get the opportunity to explore multiple industries in-depth, preparing them for future career decisions.

70 hours

Grade 9


Students take the path of self-discovery by identifying their individual strengths that could lead to a sustainable career.

20 hours

Grade 10

Follow Up

Antarang ensures that the students remain in education and are making choices that are in line with their chosen careers.

10 hours

Currently offered to 1000 students in Mumbai as part of a pilot program for scale.

By the end of 2018, the Grade 9 & 10 components of CareerAware would have helped 21,000 students in Mumbai, Pune & Udaipur understand themselves & their career goals.



Students have undergone career guidance


Schools and tribal hostels across Mumbai, Pune and Udaipur


of our students intended to stay in education

Stories of Success

Read More Mamta Saggam

Mamta is 13 years old and is studying in 8th standard. She lives with her mother and aunt. Her mother works at Muktangan School (GHP) with the pantry staff.

Being patient and handling things with ease are her strengths. Mamta is also good with her communication skills.

Culinary arts, Media, Banking & Finance, Design & Architecture, etc are various careers Mamta learnt through the WOE program.

Through the exposure visits and in dept explanations by guest speakers about these careers gave her a hands-on experience.

Her aspiration is to become an Event manager. The media exposure visit at Star house has helped her firm the decision of getting into Event management.

After finishing her graduation Mamta plans to do an event management course.

Read More Omkar Pevekar

Omkar is a 13-year-old 8th standard student. He lives with his parents and younger sister. His father is a property manager and his mother works at the Marine lines office.

Being confident and friendly are Omkar strengths. In his free time, he likes reading comics and loves to play video games.

Through the WOE program Omkar has learnt about various careers like Banking and Finance, Information Technology, Culinary Arts, Design and Architecture etc.

His aspiration is to do something in the field of science and WOE has helped him understand the various qualities required to achieve his aspirations.