Antarang has
impacted the
lives of 200000+

Partner with us to amplify
this impact to reach
2.5 million youth by 2030.

Host Our Youth

Remember your first day at your very first job?
Exciting yet intimidating, right?

Why not use your experience to provide guidance and support to our students and make them ready for the real world? Let them shadow you or someone you admire for a day.

Inspire a career by writing to us at

Mentor Our youth

Good at what you do? Let our youth learn a skill or two from you! Use your expertise to help them with a skill-building or career-guiding workshop.

Tell us more about yourself and what you bring to the table.Write to us at

Speak to Our Youth

Sharing knowledge is what inspires future generations to aim higher. We welcome you and your organisation to share your expertise with our youth through expert talks.

Write to us about your company and the topic you would like to share your expertise on, at

Hire Our Youth

At Antarang we invest our time and resources in shaping the careers of our students. Help us encourage them to aspire for better career opportunities.

Support us in kick-starting their careers by hiring them. Write to us at