"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose."

- Dr. Seuss

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The CareerAware program

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is at once an exciting and terrifying question for any teenager or young adult. At this stage, it is the awareness of options, the ability to make an informed choice and the process of charting out a career path that motivates adolescents and young adults to stick to education, and set career goals. In India, the Right to Education ends at the age of 14, and only 1 in 2 children complete high school. The ratio of students in higher education is sadly even lower. Every school drop-out is prone to high risk behaviour, and usually end up in informal employment, characterised by low wages and no benefits.

To break this cycle, Antarang introduced the CareerAware program. The program targets students who fall in the crucial 14 – 17 years age bracket. Through intensive self awareness, career awareness and career planning sessions, CareerAware encourages teenagers to stay in education until they are 18 years old. By emphasising on the number and quality of options that become available only if they stay in education, CareerAware reinforces the importance of education in young minds.

The CareerAware process

The CareerAware process

We have reached 8400+ young adults from 14-25 years of age through our CareeReady and CareerAware programs, of which more than 2500 students are trained in employability skills and linked to career opportunities. Painstakingly created 27 career service centers and partnered with more than 150 corporate organisations.

Help us keep the numbers growing!

Be a part of the Antarang story and transform lives to create an India where no young person is unemployed.

Educational partners

CareerAware is a high-demand program, and is usually conducted in partnership with schools and other NGOs.

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The key message we try to instil in our CareerAware participants is the importance of staying in education at least until the age of 18. By the end of this program, most of our students show an increased awareness of relevant career options. And a healthy 65% come back to complete their education in the next year.

Modules covered in the CareerAware program are:


Self-awareness starts at a young age. Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses is an important aspect of realising one’s passions and career goals. This CareerAware module is designed to instil a certain level of maturity, which in turn builds the necessary introspective qualities.


It is imperative that goals are achievable and realistic. Our “Reality Talks” sessions aim to help our students identify and set sights on feasible targets.

Career awareness

The “Career awareness” module builds on the previous modules by focussing on potential career options and building foundational awareness of the possibilities.

Career path

Navigating the plethora of career options and diverse fields of employment can be a challenge for a successful graduate, let alone a young adult. Our program finishes with the main module, which defines a detailed career plan for every individual based on outputs from previous modules. To conclude, one-on-one counselling is provided to ensure all participants understand their plan and the path to follow.

How it works

Antarang’s CareerAware program believes that given exposure to the many career options available to them and the tools to make an informed career choice, children will plan careers and stay in education at least until they are 18 years of age.

CareerAware is an intensive 2-year career guidance program that engages 9th and 10th standard students into thinking about their career and future.


The first phase of the program consists of a 5-day foundational workshop for class 9 students. The workshop encourages them to be self-aware through a series of psychometric tests, exposes them to career options most relevant to them and then guides them to make their own career plans. All of this is done through a proprietary tool developed with the help of school counselors and psychologists. A detailed guidance report is then generated for every student.


In the second phase of the program, each student is individually counselled based on this report.




In the third phase, students are introduced to goal setting and study skills, planning and prioritising that help them stay on track with their goals.


The 4th and final phase clarifies their immediate next steps after class 10 and introduces them to the concept of ‘core employability skills’.



Where we work

Career guidance is a gap felt by students and educators alike. As a result, our CareerAware program, which is conducted in partnership with schools/colleges has a really high demand. It provides opportunities and access, enabling career awareness amongst students from 9 – 11 grades.

Where we work
Schools | 2015-2016
Bandra English Night High School
Bharati Vidyamandir Night High School and Junior College
G. E. S. Parel Night High School
Madanpura Night High School
Mahatma Education Society’s
 Mahatma Night Junior & Degree College of Arts & Commerce
Maheshwari Night Junior College
Murarrao Rane Night School and Junior College
Nalanda Night High School
Navhind Night Junior College Of Commerce & Arts
New Era Night High School
Sadguru Night High School and Junior College
Sandesh Night High School and Junior College
Shivaji Night High School
Social Service League Night High School and Junior College
St. Xavier’s Night High School
The Milind Night High School And Junior College
Utkarsh Night High School
Vikas Ratra Shala and Junior College


Antarang often works with other NGO partners, who have associations and general programs with educational institutions, in order to implement the CareerAware program.

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World of exposure

World of exposure

In 2015, Muktangan approached Antarang with the idea of piloting a version of CareerAware for its 8th graders to give them an in depth understanding of various emerging career opportunities. Through intensive research and brainstorming, Antarang developed an engaging career awareness program to cater to children as young as 12 years of age. Titled the World of exposure, this year long, once-a-week intervention not only fulfills the need of a weekly counseling hour in the school, it also gets children to think about careers and their futures in an informed way.

Till date we have worked with over 200 students from all the 7 Muktangan schools, giving them hands-on understanding of careers in Media, Banking and Finance, Art and Architecture, Hospitality, Medical diagnostics, Baking and Confectionary and Landscape Design. Thanks to this increased awareness, more than 38% of the students showed a change in their career aspiration.

Success stories

Most students show an increased awareness of career options and more involvement in their future choices as a direct result of our CareerAware program.

Nalanda Night High School

Nalanda Night High School

CareerAware training was conducted in the Nalanda Night High School on December 2015. The 5-day workshop at this school were conducted by our trainers Bhushan Trivedi and Megha Bhatt. The school’s principal wrote back to us saying that the students found the career awareness and understanding workshops extremely helpful. He hoped that the school’s students […]


Bharati Vidya Mandir Hindi Night High School

Bharati Vidya Mandir Hindi Night High School

The Antarang Foundation conducted a 5-day CareerAware workshop at the Bharati Vidya Mandir Hindi Night High School from 8th-12th December 2015. The program was facilitated by trainers Megha Bhatt and Reshma Nair. The feedback we received from the school was very positive. The school’s staff found the interactive CareerAware workshops very helpful in creating career […]


More CareerAware success stories

The CareerAware policy context

Career Guidance and skill development has been on the government agenda for a few years now. Presently the term ‘career’ is often related to something that only the ‘rich’ can afford and is sometimes dismissed as being irrelevant to the needs of those who are disadvantaged and living in poverty. It is essential that career counselling is defined within the multiple realities and paradoxes that compose the Indian situation. When understood to mean livelihood or occupation or vocation or in its most simple sense: a suitable job, its crosscutting relevance to all sections of a population become immediately evident.

Typically, the young career aspirant in India makes choices based on hearsay, prevailing career beliefs and prestige variables pertaining to specific careers.

The NCERT has called for career guidance to be part of every high school curriculum.

Guidance and counselling is considered necessary for the educational, personal-social and career development of children.

At the secondary stage, the course aims at creating an awareness of various disciplines and introduces students to the possibilities and scope of study in them. They also discover their own interests and aptitudes and start to form ideas about what they may want to pursue in the future.

The primary goal as articulated by the government is …

helping the students understand themselves, their aspirations and abilities etc to facilitate attainment of academic goals. Preventing drop out in class 8 upwards.

The RMSA has recommended one teacher be trained as a Career Master in every school through a counselling and guidance training provided at the state level. Further, RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shikhsa Abhiyan) requires every State Department of Education/State Bureau of Guidance to ensure a cadre of trained guidance personnel as Guidance Officers. The State Governments and UTs are advised to appoint full time school counsellors of PGT level at cluster/block/district level. The RMSA also says that sensitisation programmes for Principals/Heads of Schools at state level and enrichment programmes for trained guidance personnel should be a regular feature.

The National Curriculum Framework has also stressed that there should be guidance counsellors or a career teacher in each school. Furthermore, the RMSA also recognises the need for an evaluation of the impact of guidance and counselling.

There needs to be research done on the results of the educational and vocational guidance programs.

Antarang’s CareerAware model aligns very well with all the above objectives mandated by the NCERT, RMSA and the NCF. The RMSA further goes on to add …

At the school level, every school is required to set up a school guidance committee, which can, in discussion with the PTA and the School authorities, contract outside experts to conduct the counseling programs.

Establish linkages with local resources – NGOs, DIETs, teacher and counsellor training institutes to ensure help for various guidance activities, counselling and referral services.

Stakeholder speak

Kindness is a core human value, which strives us on during difficult times. And then there is kind recognition of our efforts from people who have seen and felt the difference our programs can make in a young adult’s life. We are forever grateful for giving us the opportunity to help.

“This program is important for the children, they gain a lot from it. It gives them a direction and helps them focus on the future.”
Principal, Bharati Vidyamandir Night High School and Junior College, Dahisar

“I had an idea of what I wanted to do in the future, but was not sure. Now I have a Plan ‘B’ also, so in case I am not able to do what I first wanted, I have a backup. I feel more secure.”
Student, Bharati Vidyamandir Night High School and Junior College, Dahisar

“Career guidance is most needed, it helps students stay focused on education”
Principal, Murarrao Rane Night School and Junior College, Goregaon

“When we were filling certain things in the book, like if my parents will allow me to go out in the night, the income of my family etc., it gave me an idea of how my family will behave with me, what all they will allow me to do and what they will not. I knew my parents supported me, but never paid attention to it, this made me understand how they actually support all my actions.”
Student, Mahatma Education Society’s
 Mahatma Night Junior & Degree College of Arts & Commerce, Chembur

Become a trainer

As a Certified CareeReady trainer, 4 hours of your day transforms the career pathways of 100 young adults every year. You will first be trained and certified through an intensive training and placed at a Career Service Centre in one of Mumbai’s low income communities. If you are a graduate with more than a year of experience in any industry and have at least 4 hours a day (preferably in the afternoon), any 5 days a week, come build futures.

This is a paid, part time position at Antarang. Write in to hr@antarangfoundation.org to be considered.

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