Our HSC superstars

There isn’t a day that goes by without our students making us proud. On the 25th of May, 2016, the HSC Results brought fresh smiles on our faces. As any other pleased parent would, we would like to share the list of our students with their marks. Congratulations to all of you!

Shubhangi 83%
Vikas 81%
Priyanka 72%
Komal 68%
Pooja 66%
Ajay 65%
Pratiksha 64%
Amit 62%
Sadaf 53%
Manisha 47%
Darshana Londhe 50%
Ashwini Rajbhar 70%
Komal Soda 65%
Priyanka Gupta 81%
Priya Gupta 60%
Pranay 44%
Shubham 50%
Dinesh 52%
Rohini Ranshevare 45%
Kiran Gadve 60%

As always we maintain that marks do not define you. We are simply delighted with the tenacity and grit of all our students.

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